Weekend Islamic Schools

Are They Preparing Children for Life Ahead?

In July 2017, ISPU hosted a one-day convening in partnership with the John Templeton Foundation (JTF) to identify the needs, opportunities, and challenges for weekend Islamic schools as they relate to character development in students between the ages of 6 and 18. A total of 14 participants presented their research and findings, and engaged in a rich exchange of ideas. The participants included major designers and publishers of Islamic curricula, leaders and teachers of weekend Islamic schools, and researchers and scholar-practitioners with significant experience working with Islamic schools and Muslim communities. Based on the exchange of ideas at the convening, the participants came up with experience and evidence based recommendations that can be implemented by all those working in connection with Islamic schools.

Recommendations at a Glance

Meet Adam and Mona. They’re Muslim parents searching for a new weekend Islamic school for their kids. What should they look for? Watch this video to find out.

In this webinar, experts Seema Imam, Tesneem Alkiek, and Habeeb Quadri discuss how weekend Islamic schools can set up their students for success.

This handout provides teachers and administrators with recommendations on how to foster high-quality weekend Islamic school experiences.

Other Relevant Reports

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