Meeting the Needs of Muslim Youth: Growing Up Safe and Positively Engaged Online

Growing Up Safe and Positively Engaged Online report cover

Meeting the Needs of Muslim Youth: Growing Up Safe and Positively Engaged Online

This report focuses on understanding and addressing the numerous challenges young American Muslims face online and on promoting positive engagement online.

How do we keep American Muslim youth safe online? How do we nurture positive online engagement?

Technology is a major part of our lives today. Teenagers in particular spend a great deal of time online. According to Common Sense Media, teenagers average about 50 hours of screen time per week. Nine out of ten teenagers have used social media; three out of four have a social media account. Their overall development is significantly impacted by the time spent and content consumed online. The internet offers endless opportunities for engagement—positive and negative. Living online, youth—as well as the adults they interact with, such as parents, teachers, youth directors and others—need to know how to be responsible digital citizens. To guide and support safe and responsible online behavior, and to promote positive online engagement, adults interacting with youth have to be digitally and media literate.

This report is part of ISPU’s American Muslim youth series. Any American born between 1990 and 2000 probably doesn't recall a time when people kept their shoes on at airport security, could go all the way to the gate to see their friends off, or thought 'Patriot Act' was just a good deed. Today's 15 to 25 year olds don't know an America before the horrific events of September 2001. For American Muslims, membership in this generation presents additional challenges, in addition to those faced by other young Americans: from drug and alcohol abuse to racism and a crisis of religious literacy. ISPU's American Muslim youth series series addresses some of these challenges and offers actionable recommendations for parents, community leaders, and national organizations.

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