Mother and daughter sit on a sofa communicating with sign language.

Accessibility at ISPU

ISPU strives to be an organization that is accessible to all, regardless of ability. To that end, we are committed to offering accommodations that make our research and education events more accessible.

This includes:

    • closed captioning on webinars and videos,
    • accessible event spaces and seating,  
    • disability awareness events, 
    • sign language interpreters for webinars and events (available upon request),
    • accessible web design and published materials.

We are also committed to continuing to research disability and related issues within the American Muslim community and collaborating with organizations that work in that space to understand disability among American Muslims. 

In 2021, we sought certification from MUHSEN, a nonprofit organization serving children and adults with intellectual, mental, or physical disabilities. That certification process included a staff inclusivity and sensitivity training, assessment of our materials, and other training and leadership from the MUHSEN team. As of March 2022, we are honored to be a MUHSEN-certified nonprofit organization able to provide services and accommodations for those with special needs. For more information about MUHSEN, please visit https://muhsen.org.

We intend to continuously improve our site, tools, and events so they are available to everyone. Spot something we need to address or have a request? We invite feedback and requests via the form below.

Accessibility Feedback or Request:

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