Preventing and Treating Drug Use

Preventing and Treating Drug Use report cover

Meeting the Needs of Generation 9/11: Preventing and Treating Drug Use

What can American Muslim communities do to prevent and treat drug use among American Muslim Youth?

Primary research on American Muslim youth substance use and addiction is limited. However, existing research indicates that young American Muslims use and experiment with intoxicating substances, and tend toward risky behaviors in ways similar to their non-Muslim peers. This report focuses on the need for increased awareness of drug use, addiction and prevention; mental health; a greater understanding of youth’s alienation and challenges; and a focus on positive and meaningful capacity building and solution seeking around drug use, addiction and prevention.

This report is part of the “Meeting the Needs of Generation 9/11” series. Today’s 15 to 25 year olds don’t know an America before the horrific events of September 2001. They are “Generation 9/11.” For American Muslims, membership in this generation presents additional challenges, in addition to those faced by other young Americans: from drug and alcohol abuse to racism and a crisis of religious literacy. ISPU’s “Meeting the Needs of Generation 9/11” brief series addresses some of these challenges and offers actionable recommendations for parents, community leaders and national organizations.