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Islamophobia: A Threat To All

ISPU examines the impact of Islamophobia on the wider public and offers historical context as well as modern day best practices to meet this challenge.

The year 2050 is when many experts project that America will become a nation without a specific ethnic or racial majority. While some welcome this growing diversity, others see it as a demographic threat and are working to broadly erode the rights of several historically marginalized and minority groups, including American Muslims. Seeking to offer solutions to the American Muslim community’s toughest challenges through sound research, ISPU has launched its latest project, Islamophobia: A Threat to All.

Seeking to articulate and elevate an informed American Muslim voice through sound research, ISPU has launched its Islamophobia: A Threat To All Project. The project is an initiative by ISPU to provide data-driven answers to complex policy and social challenges that are at our communities’ and our nation’s doorsteps.

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The project is composed of three main research publications:

Religious Freedom and Discrimination in America—Then and Now: Lessons Learned for American Muslims and their Allies. This community brief takes a historical long view of Muslims’ position in America by putting it in the context of other faith communities’ challenges and successes. In doing so, it also identifies broad “lessons learned” to secure a better future for American Muslims.

Manufacturing Bigotry: A State-by-State Legislative Effort to Push Back against 2050 by Targeting Muslims and other Minorities. This study empirically examines and identifies bills proposed in all 50 U.S. state legislatures to uncover the existence of overlapping state-level campaigns that halt or rollback laws protecting historically marginalized and other minority groups, including American Muslims. Our detailed study demonstrates what Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. once said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Strength Through Diversity: Four Cases of Local and State-Level Coalition Success. American Muslims are increasingly active in the public square, but in order to be effective, like other communities, they need to join forces with others in coalitions that share common goals and interests. Going in depth in four cases, this study identifies elements of “effective” and “successful” local and state-level coalition building.


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Existing ISPU Research on Islamophobia

In addition to the new research provided by ISPU’s project, Islamophobia: A Threat to All, the Institute’s other scholars have produced a number of other publications on the nature of Islamophobia, including detailed data-driven studies and insightful policy briefs. Below is a sampling of what ISPU’s scholars have contributed on this important and timely topic.

ISPU Commentary on Islamophobia

For a short and quick take on common issues and debates surrounding Islamophobia from an expert perspective, please see these op-eds penned by ISPU’s research scholars.

Meet The Study Advisors

Jamiah Adams

Jamiah Adams

Nubian Sisters Productions

Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour

Arab American Association of New York

Daniel Tutt

Daniel Tutt

Unity Productions Foundations

Corey Saylor

Corey Saylor

Council on American-Islamic Relations, National Office

Nadia Tonova

Nadia Tonova

National Network for Arab American Communities