Providing Thought Leadership

ISPU strives to populate discussions with voices that are knowledgeable about the needs and realities of American Muslims and issues impacting them. Leveraging research and an extensive, diverse network of scholars, ISPU identifies emerging trends and provides visionary analysis of American Muslim communities by offering platforms for open dialogue, producing insightful thought pieces, and supporting scholarship. ISPU op-eds, panels, convenings, and debates inform national conversations and foster a society in which all Americans benefit and thrive.

Informing National Conversations

Books packed into library shelves

This curated bibliography includes over 300 books published between 1966 and 2018 focused on Muslims and Islam in the United States.

Politician sitting by table with his hands over document during political summit or conference

This collection of resources enables journalists, activists, policymakers, and scholars to learn more about the implications of designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization.

Workshop attendees sitting in a circle at Harvard University

This series of reports, based on a two-day workshop that brought together experts to discuss how American Muslims can address key community challenges, explores topics such as creating inclusive spaces and countering negative stereotypes.

Fostering Scholarship

A man in graduation robes and glasses

The Young Scholar Awards for Outstanding Research on American Muslims, sponsored by ISPU, recognize emerging leaders whose research focuses on American Muslims.

Platforms for Discussion

A panel of 5 experts addresses a large crowd

At the 2016 ISNA conference, ISPU held a debate on the relative harm or benefit of engaging with the U.S. government on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) programs. Here are compiled resources about CVE engagement and how it impacts the Muslim community.

Samar Kaukab at a podium debating engagement vs. boycott at the 2015 ISNA Convention

At the 2015 ISNA conference, ISPU held a debate on the philosophical question of boycott versus engagement with those with whom you don’t agree.

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