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Hamada Hamid


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Hamada Hamid Altalib is a Senior Fellow and former Director for the Center for Global Health at ISPU.  He is also an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry at Yale University. Dr. Hamid completed a dual residency in neurology and psychiatry and a Masters in Global Public Health at New York University, followed by a clinical research fellowship in epilepsy at Yale University. Dr. Hamid has published several articles and book chapters on neuropsychiatric illness, mental health policy in the Middle East, and the role of culture in mental illness across a diverse spectrum of Muslim populations. He is also the founding and current managing editor of the Journal of Muslim Mental Health. Dr. Hamid has served on the boards of Tamkeen, an Arab American social service agency, Muslim Mental Health, Inc., Muslim Family Services, and he is an affiliated faculty member for the Council of Middle East Studies at Yale University. Dr. Hamid was a Fulbright Fellow in Jordan (2002-3), where he conducted research at the University of Jordan. Dr Hamid received his medical degree from the School of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University.


DO, Michigan State University; MA, Global Public Health–Epidemiology, New York University

Areas of Expertise

  1. Public health
  2. Mental health
  3. Social Network Analysis


  • On July 21, 2021, an article in JAMA Psychiatry found that American Muslims have twice the rate of suicide attempts compared to other surveyed faith groups. From an August 10, 2021 NPR article about the study: “Nearly 8% of Muslims in the survey reported a...

  • As divorce becomes more prevalent among American Muslims, it is increasingly important for families to understand how to minimize the risk of divorce and build healthy marriages. Although there are various approaches to help couples achieve healthy relationships, little is known about how American Muslims...

  • The tragic shootings at the Fort Hood Army Base in Texas raised the public’s attention toward Muslims serving in the United States Armed Forces. There was much public conjecture about the motives and mental state of Major Nidal Hasan. While mental health services in the military...

  • Recent studies project mental illness and substance abuse will soon constitute five of the leading ten causes of disability and premature death globally (WHO 2004). Societies torn by natural disaster and war face higher levels of emotional distress (Mollica 2004) and yet are most in...

Other Work

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