Muniba Saleem


Muniba Saleem


Disclaimer: the work linked below reflects the view of the author and does not necessarily reflect the view of ISPU.

Muniba Saleem, PhD, is an Associate Professor in media psychology at the University of California Santa Barbara’s Department of Communication, and a Faculty Associate at the Institute for Social Research. Dr. Saleem’s research explores the role of media in interpersonal and intergroup conflicts using social science quantitative methods. In the domain of intergroup conflict, Dr. Saleem has explored the role of media stereotypes in influencing attitudes towards and public policy decisions targeting Arabs and Muslims (Saleem & Anderson, 2013; Saleem et al., 2015; Saleem et al., 2016). Current work in this area explores how media influences immigrants’ ethnic and national identities, acculturation, trust and interest in American government, and relations with majority members. Dr. Saleem is examining the influence of media stereotypes and discrimination on Muslim American adolescents’ social identities using a longitudinal design. Finally, Dr. Saleem’s research has examined how media violence can influence aggression and reduce prosocial behaviors (Saleem, Anderson, & Gentile, 2012a; 2012b; Saleem & Anderson, 2011).


MS, PhD, Psychology, Iowa State University

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