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Daniel Tutt


Disclaimer: the work linked below reflects the view of the author and does not necessarily reflect the view of ISPU.

Daniel Tutt, Ph.D. is a filmmaker, philosopher and interfaith activist. His research for ISPU looks at Muslims in America, Islamophobia, and inter-religious dialogue. Daniel is co-editor of a new book tentatively entitled, Theologies and Ethics of Justice: New Directions in 21st Century Islamic Thought for IIIT press. His writing has been published in Philosophy Now, The Islamic Monthly, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post and he has essays published in three different books of philosophy. He has presented and lectured at universities such as Georgetown, Duke, American, as well as dozens of national and international conferences. Daniel is Professorial Lecturer at George Washington University and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Marymount University. He is the Director of Programs and a Producer at Unity Productions Foundation, a filmmaking and educational organization.


MA, American University; PhD, European Graduate School

Areas of Expertise

  1.  American Muslims
  2. Islamophobia
  3. Ethics
  4. Interfaith Dialogue
  5. Media
  6. Muslims in the West


  • Donald Trump’s recent call to ban American Muslims from entering the United States and to halt all immigration from Muslim majority countries is premised on a larger conspiracy, reminiscent of the infamous ‘Jewish problem’ that stoked rampant anti-Semitism during the first half of the twentieth century.

  • I take on the role of an ombudsmen, or public editor, of The Islamic Monthly (TIM) to observe the types of articles that are published online and challenge readers and authors to consider issues from different angles. As such, I closely follow both the publication of pieces and the conversations that the

  • Closer than you might think.

  • On the eve of the 2012 presidential elections, both Islam and Mormonism are becoming increasingly politicized in the public sphere. For President Barack Obama, the myth of his secret Muslim identity is ultimately “coded into political ‘otherness’ – he’s a socialist, he’s dangerous, maybe a...

  • It is with a careful understanding of the ambiguity over the war on terrorism that Showtime's new TV series Homeland has been met with such success.

  • Counterterrorism efforts must operate on sound and factual analysis of the threat posed by the Muslim community

  • When Lowe's Home Improvement decided to pull its ads from TLC's new reality show "All American Muslim," they sparked a national crisis over Islamophobia in America. But crisis is the wrong word. I prefer opportunity.

  • In light of the recent report by the Center for American Progress, "Fear Incorporated: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America," which exposed the $42.6 million industry that fuels the Islamophobia infrastructure in America, American Muslims have begun to challenge this grassroots movement by wa

  • Popular film and television has relied on stereotypical portrayals of Muslims and Arabs since its existence. There is, however, a quiet revolution afoot inside of the entertainment industry, and the predictable box of the “Muslim-as-terrorist” is slowly fading. But will this shift make a difference...

  • Europe is undergoing an identity crisis and Islam has been put at the center of it. The recent terrorist attacks in Norway by a deranged man who harbored anti-Muslim sentiments and sympathized with far right wing anti-immigrant political ideologies has brought this crisis once again to the...

  • Popular film and television has relied on stereotypical portrayals of Muslims and Arabs since its existence. There is, however, a quiet revolution afoot inside television and film, and the predictable box of the Muslim-as-terrorist is slowly fading. But will this shift make a difference in...

  • In a matter of days, Tennessee's state legislature is expected to pass a bill ostensibly designed to combat radical Islamic terrorism in Tennessee known as the "Material Support" bill or HB 1353. While the bill has removed direct references to Islam or Muslims at the pressure of civil righ

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