RMS Inclusivity Workshop Toolkit

Reimagining Muslim Spaces Toolkit

RMS Inclusivity Workshop Toolkit

After conducting extensive research, analyzing the data, and creating a set of practical recommendations, ISPU’s Reimagining Muslim Spaces team has been traveling across the country sharing our findings directly with mosque leaders, volunteers, and attendees via a two-hour interactive workshop. In order to increase our reach, we’ve turned our traveling workshop into a virtual one, enabling interested people to use our material to hold a workshop in their mosque.  Please see below for a detailed list of what is included in our virtual toolkit.

Toolkit Contents

Workshop Instructions – A guide to putting on your very own RMS Inclusivity Workshop.

Videos – We have recorded ISPU Director of Research Dalia Mogahed presenting the project’s findings and recommendations. The entire video can be played at the start of an in-person workshop, or a topic specific video can be played in order to focus on just one area at a time.

  • Full presentation
  • Creating Welcoming Mosques for All
  • Creating Welcoming Mosques for Young Adults
  • Creating Welcoming Mosques for Women
  • Creating Welcoming Mosques for Converts

Powerpoint – A copy of the powerpoint used in the video and workshops is included for reference or to deliver live instead of playing the workshop video.

Table instructions for the break out exercise – The instructions guide the workshop facilitator through the break out exercise portion of the workshop.

Handouts for the break out exercise – The handouts are to be printed out and used during the break out exercise. The handouts provide participants the opportunity to fully engage with a full set of recommendations per topic area. In a small group, participants will prioritize which recommendations to take on in their mosque and begin brainstorming action steps to take each recommendation from an idea to an actionable goal.

  • Welcoming recommendations
  • Dynamic recommendations
  • Young adult recommendations
  • Women recommendations
  • Convert recommendations

Session evaluation form – The evaluation form will help the workshop facilitator and ISPU gauge the effectiveness of the research shared.

Bonus Material

Participant survey – Before conducting an inclusivity workshop it is helpful to get a sense of where your community stands. To understand the strengths and weaknesses of your mosque and to help determine which recommendations would be the best fit, we suggest starting by surveying your community. The survey is available in paper and digital formats and a unique link will be sent to each mosque for usage. Mosques will be sent the combined data following completion of the survey.*

Focus group questions – As part of our data collection, we conducted focus groups with mosque participants across the country. If you are interested in incorporating the questions we asked in your mosque inclusivity work, we’ve made our focus group questions available.

Further Consultation Available

*Survey analysis and feedback – If you are interested in further analysis of the participant survey data, you may contact ISPU at info@ispu.org for more information on contracting additional paid services.

Full day workshop – As ISPU’s implementation arm, ISNA is conducting full day workshops based on our research findings. To find out more about hosting a workshop, please contact Dr. Ihsan Bagby: ibagby@ispu.org.

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ISPU uses this information to see which organizations and individuals are using our materials in an effort to better serve our audiences. We’ll also contact you (infrequently) with new research updates so you’re up to date on the latest from our research team.

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