Public Policy


To engage the wider American public landscape, ISPU seeks areas for collaboration by conducting research on American Pluralism  and amplifying the voices and contributions of American Muslims within media or policy circles.

A woman wearing a white hijab at the voting booth

Half of Americans do not know a Muslim personally. So, much of what they know comes from media, where 80% of media coverage about Muslims and Islam is negative. By late 2015, roughly 1 out of 5 American Muslims said they experienced regular religious discrimination. ISPU’s public policy research examines the structural barriers that hinder the American Muslim community from full inclusion and participation. The findings provide policy makers, the media, nonprofit leaders, and the general public with an accurate and more nuanced understanding of the American Muslim community, while building allies and identifying common challenges and solutions. By championing American pluralism and amplifying the voices and contributions of American Muslims, ISPU research expands the policy debate with evidence and expert analysis, creating a conversation based in fact, not fear.

American Pluralism

American Muslim Poll 2017

ISPU’s second annual American Muslim Poll: Muslims at the Crossroads captured the attitudes and opinions of individuals from a variety of religious groups on topics such as religion, politics, civic engagement patterns, and more. This data-driven analysis provides a multi-dimensional understanding of the American Muslim community.

Muslim Contributions

Muslims for American Progress

Quantifying the contributions of American Muslims living in the state of Michigan, ISPU will pair statistical facts with the human faces of the many Muslims who positively contribute to the wellbeing of all Americans.

American Muslim Poll 2016

ISPU’s 2016 American Muslim Poll examined the attitudes of Muslims, Jews, Protestants, and Catholics on topics ranging from politics and religion to violence and identity. What emerged was the profile of a Muslim community that is both pious and patriotic, optimistic and weary of discrimination, similar to Jews in its politics and much like Protestants in its religious practice.

Elections 2016 Tool Kit

Collecting insights gained from our American Muslim Poll, Elections 2016 work, Islamophobia research and more, ISPU has gathered our elections related research into an online community tool kit in order to empower the community, to be informed and effective participants in our country’s political process.

Islamophobia: A Threat to All

ISPU examines the impact of Islamophobia on the wider public and offers historical context as well as modern-day best practices to meet this challenge.

American Muslims in the 2016 Election and Beyond

In the midst of a polarized and heated 2016 election season in which Muslims are frequent subjects of national debate, ISPU set out to discover what American Muslims wanted for themselves and recommended pathways for greater civic engagement.

The Bay Area Muslim Study

This benchmark study, the first of its kind on the Bay Area’s Muslim community, serves many purposes including providing groundbreaking data on its demographics, sense of identity, economic well being, political and civic engagement, and the challenges that it faces.