Peace and the Limits of War

Peace and the Limits of War book cover

Peace and the Limits of War: Transcending Classical Conception of Jihad

Dr. Louay Safi provides a systematic analysis of the Qur’anic reference and the prophetic traditions on peace and war. He critically examines the views of classical and modern Islamic scholars in light of the original intent of the Shar’iah. While his views on this subject were articulated as early as 1988, his analysis continues to provide a balance understanding of the most misunderstood concepts in Islam.

This work is published at a time when Islam’s position on war and peace is being debated very passionately on a global level. I strongly recommend it to all those who are looking for an Islamic understanding of violence, terrorism, war, and peace.

This essay is a lucid and enormously useful exegesis of this meaning of jihad especially as understood in Islamic history. It deserves the widest possible attention.

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