Petra Alsoofy

Petra Alsoofy is the Senior Outreach and Partnerships Manager at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU). ISPU, a nonprofit applied research organization, provides objective research and education about American Muslims to support well-informed dialogue and decision-making. Petra’s work at ISPU includes strengthening valued partnerships and creating new ones, ensuring ISPU’s research reaches the public and critical stakeholders such as policymakers, community and interfaith leaders, media professionals, and educators. She has developed and conducted various trainings and programs, including briefings on Capitol Hill, researchers’ convenings, major conference and media appearances, and subject area expert meetings on American Muslim communities.


BA, Political Science, Grand Valley State University

Areas of Expertise

  1. Muslim Women
  2. Islamophobia
  3. Civic Engagement
  4. American Muslim Youth
  5. Interfaith Collaboration


Interviews & Presentations

Petra Alsoofy speaks with The Islamic Association of Greater Detroit on statistical analyses of Muslim families/women in America.

Petra Alsoofy speaks on how to prevent anti-Muslim bullying in schools.

Petra Alsoofy speaks with Halal Metropolis about the impact the Muslim community is having during COVID-19.

Petra Alsoofy speaks with the Rumi Forum about Muslim women.

Petra Alsoofy moderates a panel and presents ISPU research on creating a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environment for Muslim converts.

Petra Alsoofy moderates a panel and presents ISPU research on creating a more inclusive mosque for Muslim young adults.

Petra Alsoofy is interviewed on ISPU Scholar Dr. Sahar Khamis’ show The Bridge on US Arab Radio to discuss American Muslim contributions and challenges.

Petra Alsoofy speaks on a panel discussion on Democracy and Religion with the the Hauenstein Center and Kaufman Interfaith Institute.

Media Appearances

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