Muslim Brotherhood ripe for re-radicalization By Mohammed Ayoob

Muslim Brotherhood ripe for re-radicalization By Mohammed Ayoob

Wednesday’s massacre
by the security forces
 in Cairo and elsewhere in Egypt has left
hundreds dead and perhaps thousands more injured. The old order is lashing out
with ferocity against those who dared challenge it. What is worse, a
substantial segment of the Egyptian public – mesmerized by the rhetoric of the
military brass and its civilian henchmen – consider this a “restoration of
democracy” to use John Kerry’s Orwellian term to describe the July 3 military

It is becoming increasingly clear that history is repeating
itself as tragedy in Egypt, although with its own peculiar twist. This year
reminds me of 1954, when Colonel Nasser, who had led the Egyptian military coup
against the then corrupt monarchy in 1952 with the help of the Muslim
Brotherhood, turned against his Islamist allies, banned the party, threw its
leaders in jail and ultimately executed several of them. The Brotherhood, which
had emerged into the open after years of clandestine activity against the
monarchy, was forced underground once again.

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Mohammed Ayoob is University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of International Relations, Michigan State University, and Adjunct Scholar at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding.