Leading with Compassion: Anchoring Leadership Practices in Prophetic Traditions

Leading with Compassion book cover

Leading with Compassion: Anchoring Leadership Practices in Prophetic Traditions

Compassionate leadership is the legacy of those special individuals who were called upon to transform their communities and to bring hope, enlightenment, and justice to places where despair, confusion, and exploitation became entrenched. Prophets and leaders with prophetic vision provided throughout history the example of compassionate leadership where character, competence, and compassion were combined.

Leading with Compassion draws on the prophetic tradition to outline the type of leadership capable of inspiring communities, empowering their members, and developing traditions that encourage cooperation and mutual support and help. While examples and lessons are drawn from the prophetic tradition and the American Muslim community settings, the book endeavors to develop a model of leadership that transcends specific religious practices and geographical communities. It attempts to outline a leadership model uniquely suited for leading community based organizations, and for transforming practices and conditions so as to make them more inspiring and nurturing. So while the primary beneficiaries of the book are North American Muslims, all those whose main concern is to empower their communities and uplift its spirit and standards can potentially benefit of this work.

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