Creating a Welcoming, Inclusive, Dynamic Mosque

Creating a Welcoming, Inclusive, Dynamic Mosque report cover

Creating a Welcoming, Inclusive, Dynamic Mosque | Reimagining Muslim Spaces Community Brief [Executive Summary]

This is the Executive Summary for ISPU’s Reimagining Muslim Spaces (RMS) report on creating a welcoming, inclusive and dynamic mosque.

In an effort to enable Muslim communities across the country to build inviting, resilient and relevant institutions, we conducted multiple focus groups with a diverse group of congregants and mosque leaders. Rather than try to “isolate all the problems” with existing institutions, we asked leaders and members alike to tell us about the most positive experience they’ve ever had and how this experience could be reproduced again and again in the future. What we heard surprised and inspired us.

Second, we combed through all available survey data on mosques and Muslim attitudes. We turned reams of data and hours and hours of focus group research into a set of practical recommendations that mosques can implement right away.


About “Reimagining Muslim Spaces” (RMS)

The goal of ISPU’s Reimagining Muslim Spaces project is to produce research-driven recommendations to enable the development of a mosque that is:

  1. Welcoming: Inclusive and engaging
  2. Well Governed: Effective and transparent
  3. A Hub for Hope: A source of community service

To illustrate how mosques can serve as hubs for hope, ISPU identified real life examples of American Muslim Institutions doing just that. In four different case studies, you have seen the lessons we found exampled in a free medical clinic, a jobs center, a civic engagement program, and a “Third Space.”

You can download the complete report here.