American Muslims and Free Health Services


American Muslims and Free Health Services to Underserved Populations | HUDA Clinic: A Case Study

This first report in ISPU’s “Reimagining Muslim Spaces” series presents a case study of the HUDA Clinic, a free health care clinic in Detroit, Michigan, that has been in operation since 2004, and continues to grow and evolve with the needs of its community. Specifically, we examine the history and functioning of the HUDA Clinic and its relationship with its neighborhood, and identify the factors behind its success with the hope that such successes may be replicated elsewhere in American Muslim communities.

The goal of the “Reimagining Muslim Spaces” project is to produce research-driven recommendations to enable the development of a mosque that is:

1. Welcoming: Inclusive and engaging

2. Well Governed: Effective and transparent

3. A Hub for Hope: A source of community service

To illustrate how mosques can serve as hubs for hope, ISPU identified four real life examples of American Muslim Institutions doing just that. Rather than simply providing theoretical advice, our researchers interviewed the very people who built these programs and institutions to identify the secret to their success and the wisdom gained from their struggles. We hope these case studies will inspire and instruct others working to develop institutions that serve and uplift.