Erik Love


Erik Love


Areas of Expertise: Race and racism, Civil rights advocacy, Islamophobia, Muslims in the West, US Politics, American Muslims, Arab Americans

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Erik Love, Ph.D. is a Visiting Fellow at Emory University’s James Weldon Johnson Center for the Study of Race and Difference. His first book, Islamophobia and Racism in America is forthcoming from New York University Press (Spring 2017). His research centers on race and civil rights advocacy in the United States. After receiving his doctorate in Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Erik was appointed Assistant Professor of Sociology at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania in 2012, where he also served as Chair of Middle East Studies.


M.A., University of California at Santa Barbara Ph.D., University of California at Santa Barbara

Areas of Expertise

  1. Race and racism
  2. Civil rights advocacy
  3. Islamophobia
  4. Muslims in the West
  5. US Politics
  6. American Muslims
  7. Arab Americans


Other Works

No matter who is eventually found and brought to justice for the odious attack in Boston, the rush to blame "the Muslims" fits a longstanding and disturbing pattern after attacks like this one. Although there have been very few terrorist attacks in the US carried out by Muslims in recent years, already there has been…
A new report out today from New York University School of Law’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ) describes how American counterterrorism efforts have singled out Muslim Americans by “sending paid, trained informants into mosques and Muslim communities.” The report finds that some 200 terrorism-related prosecutions have relied upon informants, resulting in plenty…
There has been a sudden uptick in the number of violent hate crimes where the victims are thought to be Muslim or "Middle Eastern". Sunando Sen, a Hindu man originally from India, was shoved in front of an oncoming subway train in New York City, where he died. Cameron Mohammed, a Catholic American man whose parents are…
The problem with the NYPD's wanton disregard for the principle of equal protection is that all US citizens are affected by the harmful discrimination. People of colour - including Arab, Sikh and South Asian Americans - have borne the brunt of the NYPD's Islamophobic policies, in which Muslim Americans have become one of the latest…
The New York Police Department's discriminatory profiling of Muslim communities affects all Americans.
President Obama is a Christian. The persistent belief that he is a Muslim highlights the significance of Islamophobia in the United States today. The implication, of course, is that a Muslim should not be President. Remarkably, this false belief remained widespread even after former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Colin Powell endorsed Obama during his 2008 presidential bid. General Powell emphatically insisted…