Seeking Community Canvassers on: The Mosque and The Block

ISPU is hiring Community Canvassers to support grassroots community engagement on a research project focused on Muslims and housing. We are seeking an entrepreneurial research professional or community organizer seeking experience in survey data collection, participant recruitment, and/or community canvassing/outreach for a project focused on exploring the housing, neighborhood characteristics, and context of Black Muslims and mosques in America. An ideal candidate has experience with community outreach and/or community organizing and has the ability to engage diverse community members, American Muslim community leaders, and community amplifiers/influencers. The project would require a 12-week commitment to complete participant recruitment.

Scope of activities:

    • Organize and manage outreach booths/tables at local community centers, masjids, and other high traffic events.
    • Engage in community outreach efforts to recruit survey participants from study sites (some work may be done remotely) and facilitate survey completion by administering surveys via electronic devices, paper, and/or phone.
    • Assist and conduct participant recruitment for interviews and/or focus groups.
    • Provide logistical support, as-needed, for interviews and/or focus groups at study sites. 
    • Be available for weekly check-in with the project manager at a date and time agreed upon.

Position Logistics:

    • Position Title: Community Canvasser for “The Mosque and The Block” project
    • Period of Performance: 12 weeks
    • Location: Two Atlanta, GA-based canvassers and two Los Angeles, CA-based canvassers, with both virtual and in-person work for all positions
    • Classification: Part time stipend position, 10 hours/week
    • Stipend: $1,800


    • Availability to work on Friday afternoons, from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm (PST for Los Angeles position/EST for Atlanta position) and occasional evenings and weekends. 
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, including compassionate communication, cultural humility, and ability to maintain a positive, outgoing, and enthusiastic attitude. 
    • Demonstrated commitment to community engagement.
    • Highly motivated individual with the ability to work independently and operate on a flexible work schedule. 
    • Strong community ties and network in either Atlanta, GA or Los Angeles, CA.

Preferred qualifications:

    • Experience working in Black and/or Muslim communities.
    • Community organizing and leadership experience, including experience with a masjid, MSA, or other community/group setting.
    • Experience with WhatsApp and various social media platforms

To apply, please fill out the form below. No phone calls, please.

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