Social Media Street Team

Are you the next member of ISPU’s Social Media Street Team? Street Team members care deeply about Muslim communities, are passionate about civil rights and community development, are committed to the belief that facts matter… and roll over to check Twitter as soon as they wake up in the morning. Members share information about ISPU and its research with their social media followers, connecting the facts we discover with current events. This is an excellent opportunity to be an agent for positive change in online spaces, which—let’s be honest—have been more toxic than productive recently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “street team”?

A street team is a group of passionate people who hit the streets to promote an event or product. Traditionally, street teams hung posters, distributed flyers, and posted stickers. A social media street team has the same function, but all of the action takes place online.

As a member of our Social Media Street Team, which social platforms would you post on?

Whichever ones you prefer, whether that’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, or Twitter. We want you to share with your existing networks and communities.

How does this work?

  • We’ll add you to our private Slack channel or Facebook group, so you can easily communicate with us and other team members.
  • Every 2–4 weeks, we’ll send you a message with some stories, several links, graphics, a list of upcoming research-sharing events, and maybe a video or two. You can choose which content you’d like to feature and where you feature it, but we’ll ask that you post a Street Team post at least twice a month.
  • Your posts should be authentic and personal to you. We want you to showcase your voice and opinions, just make sure they’re backed up by the facts.
  • We’ll require that Street Team posts maintain a certain level of professionalism. No foul language, defamation of ISPU, or support of violence.
  • ISPU is a nonpartisan, non-advocacy organization. You may use our work to make political statements, but as an organization, we do not endorse political candidates or sign on to advocacy campaigns.
  • You must represent the research we provide accurately. We’ll answer any questions you may have about our data and how we got it.
  • Each post should contain #ISPUStreetTeam, so you can easily track which posts are for the program.

What kind of content will we share with you?

  • Links to new research studies, articles, and reports
  • Stories that show our research in action
  • Short videos, graphs, gifs, and infographics featuring ISPU data
  • The dates of upcoming research-sharing events, so you can attend and post about them
  • Profiles of scholars/experts
  • Links to fundraising campaigns so your followers can support future research projects

Why should you join this group?

  • By joining this group, you’ll be an agent for positive change. At at time when social media exchanges are more toxic than productive and “fake news” runs unchecked, you’ll be an advocate for the facts.
  • You’ll be connected with a group of like-minded people who can connect you with job and networking opportunities.
  • Being a Street Team member will give you valuable social media experience that will look good on any resume.
  • As a Street Team member, you’ll have direct insight into what kind of content your followers/friends connect with and areas where misinformation thrives. Because of this, we’ll ask for feedback on our videos, infographics, reports, and more so that you can directly impact the work we create.
  • Finally, every Street Team member will receive a free ISPU t-shirt!

How long are membership terms?

When you sign up to be an ISPU Social Media Street Team member, you commit to being a program member for one year. After one year, you can re-commit or decide to end your membership.

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