Nazita Lajevardi

Nazita Lajevardi

Nazita Lajevardi


Disclaimer: the work linked below reflects the view of the author and does not necessarily reflect the view of ISPU.

Nazita Lajevardi is a political scientist and attorney working primarily in race, ethnic politics, and American politics. Dr. Lajevardi’s research lies at the intersection of religion, race, ethnic politics, representation, and discrimination. Broadly, she examines one overarching question: How do racial minorities fare under American democracy? She approaches this question from two perspectives: (1) from the perspective of minorities themselves and (2) how the public treats them (e.g., how legislators treat them, how the public views them, and how the media discusses, frames, and communicates about them). A significant portion of Dr. Lajevardi’s scholarship focuses specifically on Muslim Americans, as a racialized religious minority. She examines the treatment of Muslim Americans from a myriad of perspectives, attempting to overcome numerous measurement obstacles.


BA, University of California, Los Angeles; JD, University of San Francisco School of Law; PhD, University of California, San Diego

Areas of Expertise

  1. American politics
  2. Political behavior
  3. Race and ethnic politics
  4. Law


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Kassra AR Oskooii, Loren Collingwood, and Nazita Lajevardi. “A Change of Heart? Why Individual-Level Public Opinion Shifted against Trump’s Muslim Ban.” Political Behavior (2017): 1–38.

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