Kayla Renée Wheeler

Kayla Renée Wheeler

Kayla Renée Wheeler


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Dr. Kayla Renée Wheeler is an Assistant Professor of Gender and Diversity Studies at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is an expert in contemporary Black Islam in the United States. Dr. Wheeler is writing a book on the history of Black Muslim fashion in the United States. The book is based on five years of research, including interviewing Black Muslim fashion designers and attending fashion shows in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Newark. Dr. Wheeler is also the creator of the Black Islam Syllabus, a free resource guide that highlights the experiences of Muslims of African descent.


PhD, Religious Studies, University of Iowa; MA, History: Islam and the West, Queen Mary University of London; MA, Bioethics, Case Western Reserve University

Areas of Expertise

  1. Gender and Diversity Studies
  2. Contemporary Black Islam in the U.S.
  3. Black Muslim Fashion in the U.S.
  4. Muslims on the Internet


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