Eman Abdelhadi


Eman Abdelhadi


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Eman Abdelhadi is an assistant professor in the Department of Comparative Human Development at the University of Chicago, where she is also affiliated with the Department of Sociology, the Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture, the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, and the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality. Eman received her PhD in Sociology from New York University in 2019. Her broad research interests are gender, race, migration and religion, and her work is animated by a substantive interest in the experiences of Muslims in the United States.

Eman uses mixed quantitative and qualitative methods in her research. Using survey data analysis, her quantitative work examines the intersections between religion and gendered outcomes as well as ethno-religious categories and identity. Using qualitative, semi-structured life history interviews, her current book project traces second generation immigrant Muslims’ relationships with Muslim communities across the life course, asking who stays in Muslim communities, who leaves and why? Eman also recently launched an interview study with women who wore then removed the hijab. These projects reflect an interest in how Muslim communities and their members negotiate internal and external boundaries, processes that often include generational gendered struggles.


PhD, Sociology, New York University

Areas of Expertise

  1. Religion
  2. Migration
  3. Gender
  4. Demography
  5. Life course transition
  6. American Islam


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