Because of you…

…ISPU is about to enter its 20th year. Throughout the past two decades, we’ve shaped the way educators, policymakers, journalists, business leaders, scholars, and more, approach their work. ISPU research is a crucial and reliable source for those across the nation who, like us, are pursuing a future where American Muslims are thriving and equal. From tracking American Muslim responses to COVID-19, to co-producing a monumental survey of American Mosques in 2020, to uplifting the work of scholars in all career stages, we make change because of you.

Today, we’re asking for your continued support as we approach the end of this year. 2022, our 20th anniversary, will bring with it a new host of opportunities. Together, we can ensure that our work makes a difference next year and for years to come, so that all those who depend on ISPU research can continue to count on us.

We’re raising $120,000 by December 31, 2021

Your donation—whether $10 or $10,000, whether a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation—makes a world of difference! Will you support our vital work?

Support Our Work

“Because of ISPU, I can better understand the experiences of Muslim students in public schools and both act and train others to act on these findings, creating more hospitable educational spaces for all.”

– Dr. Amaarah De Cuir

  Professorial Lecturer, American University

“Because of ISPU, I can produce journalism about American religious diversity with relevance and credibility.”

– Ray Suarez

  Broadcast Journalist & Author

“Because of ISPU, I created an online learning platform that allows everyone an opportunity to learn about American Muslim communities.”

– Dr. Rev. Nate Walker


“Because of ISPU, we can all learn more about the American Muslim community based on real facts and data, not on myths and stereotypes.”

– Nina Fernando

  Executive Director, Shoulder to Shoulder

“Because of ISPU, I can make informed decisions as an imam for my religious community so that we create a more inclusive environment.”

– Imam Ahmed Deeb

  Religious Director, Islamic Center of Greater Toledo

Our Teams

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