Call for Board Members

We are looking for new members to add to ISPU’s award-winning board of directors.


Joining ISPU’s board of directors is a great volunteer opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds who are committed to building an America where Muslims are thriving and equal through facts and objective research.

The Governance Committee of the Board of Directors of ISPU is inviting recommendations for new members to ISPU’s Board.

While we invite nominations for candidates with a variety of skill sets, we are particularly interested in candidates who reflect the following criteria:

  • Passion for ISPU’s mission and enthusiasm for achieving the goals and priorities of ISPU. Prior participation in ISPU work or events and/or prior support of ISPU is a plus.
  • Experience and/or interest in helping ISPU achieve its financial goals through enthusiastic engagement in fundraising, networking, and giving personally meaningful gifts.
  • A track record of participation and leadership on non-profit boards or philanthropic causes.
  • Extensive professional experience with significant accomplishments and networks.
  • Capacity and commitment to prepare for and actively participate in ISPU board and committee meetings, to be responsible and accountable to the work, to take on leadership roles within ISPU’s board, to contribute and fundraise for ISPU, as needed.
  • Integrity, collegiality, and strong interpersonal skills.

Members of ISPU’s Board are expected to participate in regular board and committee meetings. This includes an average of 10 virtual meetings annually (and an occasional in-person retreat depending on COVID-19), representing ISPU to the wider community, attending ISPU events, and supporting ISPU’s financial wellbeing by supporting fundraising efforts and donating at a personally appropriate level. To recommend a candidate for the Board of Directors of ISPU, please send the name and a brief biography by email to nominations@ispu.org. Nominations are due March 5, 2022, though we accept nominations on a rolling basis.

Help lead ISPU into the future by nominating yourself or someone else today!

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