2017 year-end appeal

2017 was a year of daunting and overwhelming challenges, but also a year of progress and impact. Our hearts were often heavy with displays of bigotry, but that only made us at ISPU more determined to spread knowledge, facts, and understanding and to strengthen communities.

As you consider your year-end charitable giving, I hope that you will join us in this important work and support ISPU today. None of our work is possible without your support, and the need far outpaces our funds. Every donation, big or small, helps us do this work. Can we count on you to help us meet our $100,000 goal?

$52,571 of our $100,000 goal

A thermometer that is 52.57% full

The Top 5 Reasons to Support ISPU

  1. We are unique. We are the only organization focused exclusively on conducting research for and about the American Muslim community.
  2. We power the work of so many. This year alone, ISPU has enabled nearly 800 leaders, policymakers, and journalists to utilize ISPU’s research to strengthen their own work.
  3. We catalyze change. This year, ISPU’s data on bullying empowered American Muslim Health Professionals, CAIR-OH, and teachers in San Diego to organize an interfaith summit, an anti-bullying guide, and a city-wide anti-bullying initiative.
  4. What we do works. In research done by the Cato Institute, ISPU’s video tools were included to test what works to combat anti-Muslim bigotry. Our research-based video was one of the top performers in shifting negative attitudes toward Muslims.
  5. We collaborate. Rather than duplicating efforts, we work closely with partners nationwide to maximize limited resources, making every dollar count.

But Don’t Take Our Word for It

Watch and listen from some of our staff and partners to learn why you should give to ISPU.

Photos by Tim Lundin – Newseum

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