What We Do

Our Areas of Impact

ISPU makes impact in three areas, empowering American Muslims to develop, contribute and innovate.

How We Do It

ISPU addresses challenges by conducting research, raising awareness, and working with partners to ensure our research and recommendations inform the good work of policymakers, the media, advocates, activists, community leaders and nonprofits.


A magnifying glass hovering over the outline of a human torso

Conducting rigorous solution-seeking research.

Co-creating, with change agents and stakeholder, research-backed recommendations addressing challenges and opportunities.

Engaging thought leaders on emerging trends and debates.



Educating the community on research findings and recommendations through public forums and individual and institutional amplifiers.

Raising public awareness on research findings through mass, traditional, and social media.

Producing thought pieces and offering neutral forums for the open exchange of ideas and debates.



Engaging change agents and the public on recommendations to catalyze progress.

Providing resources and toolkits to address community challenges.

Offering tailored consulting to help institutions implement research-based recommendations.

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