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This Ramadan, support much-needed research and education on American Muslims to guide us toward a more inclusive future.

With the support of people like you, ISPU research has positively impacted millions of Americans, from those in middle school classrooms to local mosques to the halls of Congress. And now, in the time of COVID-19 and beyond, this work is even more urgent and important. We need to raise $135,000 to continue to provide the relevant, impactful research and education that so many have come to rely on.

Almost 20 years ago, ISPU was created to meet an urgent and ongoing need for clear, accurate, quality research on American Muslims. After 9/11, we needed research to empower communities, to guide institutions, to illuminate decision-makers. Today, we find ourselves in a different crisis—a global pandemic during which American Muslims are rising to the call yet again, ensuring critical healthcare and other essential services reach the most vulnerable. Now we need your help to ensure another essential service remains available: trustworthy research. 

The need for ISPU’s research is just as great today as it was in 2002. Islamophobia is being fueled in pandemic reporting, with some news outlets using unrelated images of mosques and people wearing Islamic attire to illustrate articles about this devastating virus. Pundits stoke fear and misinformation about Muslims using the pandemic as cover. In this general election year, stay-at-home orders impact civic engagement opportunities, especially in marginalized communities. And, while Americans are quarantined, issues like domestic violence, mental health, schooling of children, and marriage challenges come to the forefront.

These issues that we were working on just a few short weeks ago are, in fact, not only still there—they are being compounded. But the good news is this: ISPU’s work provides solutions and empowers us all. Now, more than ever, we need to stand firm to address critical issues facing our country and let research light the way.

Thank you for donating whatever your budget permits and investing to keep the ground we have all sacrificed and struggled so hard to gain.

Contributions to ISPU, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity, are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. ISPU’s tax EIN is 38-3633581. Contributions to ISPU are also zakat-eligible. (More details)

ISPU respects our donors’ personal privacy. We will never sell or share any of our donors’ information collected online or offline, or send mailings on behalf of other organizations. You will be able to unsubscribe from all communications from us at any time.



Help equip media professionals, educators, elected officials, and millions of others make meaningful change with facts, research, and essential human stories that speak to the times we live in



Help discover new information, research, and data on American Muslims through projects such as our fifth annual American Muslim Poll and our research on Muslim contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic



Fund greater impact, allowing ISPU’s critical research to reach those who need it most and providing clear insights to mosque and community leaders so they can do their jobs even better



Take a leadership role by illuminating your community, country, and world with desperately needed facts and put critical research in the hands of those with the power to make change

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