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April 2003 -- ISPU contributes to its first major publication.

One year before ISPU would issue its first stand-alone publication, ISPU Fellow Saeed Khan penned an entry in The Encyclopedia of the Human Genome, titled “Race and Difference: Orientalism and Western Concepts.”

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December 17, 2003 -- ISPU is incorporated.

After two years of planning, ISPU became official. The journey to discover facts and both educate and enable others to benefit from our research had begun.

April 2004 -- ISPU’s first publication is released.

In April 2004, ISPU published the Detroit Mosque Study. This study gave a statistical overview of Detroit mosques and their attendees, and sought to “sift rumor from reality in regards to American mosques.”

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May 2010 -- ISPU hires its first full time executive director.

In May 2010, ISPU hired Shireen Zaman to be its first executive director. She was hired to strengthen ISPU’s presence and increase the visibility of its research at a time when this research was increasingly in demand. Board Chair Iltefat Hamzavi called Zaman “the ideal person to lead ISPU forward.”

February 2011 -- ISPU opens its second office in Washington, DC.

In order to complement the important community level work being done in Michigan, ISPU opened its complimentary office in Washington, DC.  The DC office brought ISPU closer to the policy makers and other stakeholders it sought to inform.

May 2013 -- ISPU conducts its first demographic study of Muslims in America.

In May 2013, ISPU released the Bay Area Muslim Study. This groundbreaking study looked at demographics, identity, economic well being, and political and civic engagement, and discussed both the diversity and the potential challenges facing the Bay Area Muslim community.

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January 2014 -- ISPU 2.0 is born.

At the beginning of 2014, ISPU launched its new strategic vision that strengthened and refocused its institutional approach.

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March, 2016 -- ISPU conducts and releases its first survey.

In March 2016, ISPU released its American Muslim Poll 2016 (AMP). This poll looked to offer a badly needed evidence-based contribution to a landscape that saw Muslims increasingly discussed, but not included, in national debates.

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