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In 2013, look out for these exciting ISPU Projects:

·   First Ever Comprehensive Analysis of the San Francisco Bay Area Muslim Community

·   Expansion of our Dissemination Channels including a podcast, webinars, eBooks for Tablets, and more.

·   Unique studies on Muslim Youth, families, aging Muslims and women’s empowerment. 

10 Years ago, ISPU began as a big idea. The founders believed that an institution built to provide research and analysis on issues that matter to American Muslims could create better informed policies in the United States. Policy based on facts - not on political agendas, misunderstanding, or prejudice.  ISPU remains the only think tank focused on the American Muslim community.

In the box below, we will share 10 Voices that believe that knowledge can go a long way towards making better policy decisions.

They will describe 10 Reasons why they support ISPU--from how ISPU research has enabled change in their communities, to the impact it makes on the national and international level, to the support it offers scholars.

Join us in celebrating 10 years with 10 voices sharing 10 reasons why they support ISPU.





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