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Research Opportunities at the Center for the Study of American Muslims

ISPU's Center for the Study of American Muslims (CSAM) welcomes requests for funding from scholars pursuing quantitative and qualitative research on American Muslim communities from across a wide set of disciplines. In the past, CSAM has supported the work of scholars in anthropology, culture studies, education, economics, ethnic studies, gender studies, history, law, political science, religious studies, sociology, and urban planning and architecture. Grants for research projects range from $2,000-$10,000 and are intended to support prospective studies and/or set the groundwork for a more exhaustive, large-scale study. In addition to funding, CSAM provides both seasoned and up-and-coming scholars a valuable opportunity to publish and disseminate the findings of their original research to a wide audience including policy makers, journalists and the general public.

Proposals that reflect CSAM's research priorities will be given the most serious consideration; however, proposals that fall outside of these research areas are also welcome. Our current research priorities include:

  • Impact of U.S. policies on American Muslim communities
  • American Muslims’ diverse political views and positions on major policy issues
  • Factors that shape American Muslims’ civic engagement in the United States
  • Growth and development of American Muslim communities and institutions and the unique challenges they face.

In addition to a seed grant, projects that overlap with CSAM’s research priorities may be considered for additional supplemental grants.

Proposal requirements for seed grants:

  1. Brief description of the project and its relevance to audiences outside of the academy (750 word limit).
  2. Description of your previous research experience on this or another related topic and the requisite skill set you bring to the proposed project (500 words).
  3. A proposed budget and a list of other funders/funds secured or sought.
  4. Timeline of project.
  5. Proposed length (word count) of final report or policy brief to be published by ISPU.
  6. CVs for all primary investigators.


ISPU generally funds individual scholars and not academic centers or institutes. ISPU will jointly own and hold publishing rights for any research supported by a grant. ISPU must be acknowledged in any and all publications based on the research it supports.


At this time, ISPU is not considering new proposals.  Please check back in the spring for updates to this page.






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