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Abdullah Musalem

Sahar Aziz
Legal Fellow
Date: 7/6/2011

Strikingly absent from the discourse about Bahrain’s ongoing pro-democracy movement are the non-sectarian grounds upon which the calls for democracy are based. A closer look at the recent demonstrations indicates that the movement’s impetus is the Bahrainis’ desire for universal social, economic, and political rights irrespective of religious sect. ... » read more

Date: 6/8/2011

The Islamic values and cultural practices of American Muslims can play a role in community health disparities by influencing health behaviors and healthcare-seeking patterns and presenting challenges within the healthcare system. ... » read more

Karen Keyworth
Research Associate
Date: 5/18/2011

The very essence of Islamic schools is the teaching of Islam. It is what defines us. We have;many Islamic curricula that fulfill the cultural and traditional needs and expectations of;parents and communities; however, we continue to desire more spiritual content and real-life applications. We realize that if we want a curriculum for our children, we must look at Islamic;curricula through the lens of our children's needs.; Though such talk has been bub ... » read more

Date: 5/17/2011

Pakistan's population of more than 180 million ranks sixth highest globally. Pakistan is the second-largest country in the world with a predominantly Muslim population and holds a key geostrategic location, sharing international borders with India, China, Iran, and Afghanistan, as well as a 700-mile coastline along the Arabian Sea touching on the Persian Gulf. With a standing army of half a million, the Pakistani government is one of very few in the world in ... » read more

Date: 4/14/2011

This paper addresses the United States’ endgame in Afghanistan within the context of the insurgency since it began in 2002. It further goes on to explain who the neo-Taliban are, as well as their political goals and organizational structure.  The report details how politico-military failure, civilian abuse, and a delegitimized host government have marred the effort. Conclusively, the Karzai regime’s unpopularity, the rebels’ military gains, and ... » read more

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