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India and Iran: Similar experiences, converging interests
Mohammed Ayoob
Adjunct Scholar

Recent reports coming out of New Delhi indicate that India does not intend to comply with the unilateral economic sanctions imposed upon Iran by the United States and the European Union.  In fact, the opposite may be true.  India may attempt to take advantage of new opportunities in Iran created by the sanctions imposed on oil sales and financial transactions by Western powers.

The Indian Commerce Secretary announced a few days ago, “We will be mounting a mission to Iran at the end of the month to promote our own exports. A huge delegation will be going.” While acknowledging that India was honoring the four rounds of sanctions imposed upon Iran by the United Nations, the Indian official made clear that India was not willing to go along with the American-European sanctions. Heasked rhetorically, “Tell me why I should follow suit? Why shouldn’t I take up that business opportunity?”…

Mohammed Ayoob is University Distinguished Professor of International Relations at Michigan State University and adjunct scholar at ISPU.

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